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 My TOP 5 Fallout 3 moments - SPOILERS THO

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PostSubject: My TOP 5 Fallout 3 moments - SPOILERS THO   Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:15 pm

My TOP 5 Fallout 3 moments (character interactions)
(unedited - fuck yeah grammatical errors)

Agatha -
  This little old lady lives alone in the Capital Wasteland. Her husband passed, she has no children; she's all alone. In this world you've murdered, you've stolen, you've done some terrible shit. This woman is completely oblivious to the blood on your hands. She doesn't care where you've been. She doesn't care how many mercenaries you've obliterated, how many supermutants you've crushed, or how many people you've wronged. All this little old lady wants is a violin, her Great Grandmother's, so she can play her sweet songs, and bring some semblance of 'happiness' to the wastes. I don't give a fuck who you are, that is one of the most amazing things I've come across in this game. So much blood spilled, so much death and violence, and all this woman wants is to play a violin - in hopes that it will warm someone's heart.

Dr. Braun -
  I've played through this game at least 3-4 times, and each time I ran the Chinese Invasion simulation. Never once did I think about how running the simulation actually killed off everyone but Braun. I mean, I knew it happened, but I never thought about the fact that the guy is left in Tranquility Lane by himself for the rest of forever. He asks you to torture his 'friends', to break up a marriage, even to 'kill' a character, indiscreetly. Going through his notes you'll find that he's considered pulling the plug on the simulation, ending his own life in the process, but in 202 years he hasn't. Then you come along, and while it gives you the option to either kill off all the residents of Tranquility Lane - for 'bad' karma - or to do the sacred rain dance to unlock Dr. Braun's console. Once the console is unlocked you can look up the invasion simulation, run it, and kill everyone, but the catch is that they all die irl. If you were to do as Braun asked, and just get your hands filthy, he could just bring them back later. Not so with the invasion. I always opted to do the invasion for the sake of protecting my precious fucking karma. Even though he did bad things to them on occasion, I couldn't help feeling bad this last time.

Harold -
  I have to say, this is a really well-written game. Once you get past all of the nonsensical characters, and really dig down into the core, and find who some of these people are, you'll find some interesting shit. Harold was a good ol' boy, a ghoul with a branch sprouting from his head that he nicknamed 'Bob' or 'Herbert' - if you're feeling frisky. Harold, by the time you get to Fallout 3 has become 'one' with Bob, and the two are rooted into the ground. A community forms around the two, some nutjob worshipers, claiming Harold to be their messiah. Harold is old as hell, he's tired, and he wants nothing more than to be let die. These worshipers, the cultists, were amusing to him for a time, but that novelty has worn thin, and he really wants nothing more than to be set on his mortal way. You're given the option to 'Kavorkian' Harold, or to keep him alive for one of two reasons: A. to be spread throughout the wastes. B. to to keep Harold's 'gift' within Oasis. If you opt to save Harold, telling him that he still has a reason to live - all those who worship him, he'll find a reason to live, and claim to be selfish for having wanted to die. But if you do kill him, he'll give you a perk that makes your skin as tough as his own. The reason this particular quest fucks with me is because this guy has traveled for a very long time. Much like your very own character, he has explored far and wide. It's legit, everything you've done, all that you've explored in Fallout 3, but instead of dying in that chamber at the end (that is if you don't send Lyons to die for you, you selfish bastard), you become a mutant, but not just that . . . a seed begins to grow within you. If that thought doesn't fuck with you, then maybe I'm just over-thinking it.

Amata -
  Returning to Vault 101 after something like 50 hours of just roaming the Capital Wasteland, I'm not really sure what I felt. You're forced to leave with indignation at the start of the game, and then later on you're asked to return, and it fills me with some anger, some contempt. It only adds to that when you've 'fixed' Amata's problem, the war going on in Vault 101 since your departure so long ago, and she frankly tells you to go. "Hey thanks for fixing out problem, now gtfo." It literally feels like: she kicked me out of the vault (again), she told me to go fuck myself, and expects me (you) to be 'okay' with it. Or she just really doesn't care if I'm either. I take it back, it doesn't 'feel' like it. It's what she does. Fuck you Amata.

Dad -
  For a character that you spend literally more than half of the game away from, I couldn't help but feel like shit when Liam Neeson's character is put to pasture. The part that kills me is when he tells you that he's proud of you, like literally moments before he dies. The reason you're even out in this world, doing the shit that you've done to survive, you've done in hopes of one day finding the man who abandoned you. And that nail is driven even further in when you speak with Amata and she talks about how you've seen and done so much. You're either looking for answers, looking for revenge, or just want to know that he's well, but when you find him, and he explains his reasoning, I can't help but want to respect him. Even though it came at the price of a moderate betrayal.
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My TOP 5 Fallout 3 moments - SPOILERS THO
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