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 Moonshine Bandits Launch Their Own Beef Jerky

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Moonshine Bandits Launch Their Own Beef Jerky Empty
PostSubject: Moonshine Bandits Launch Their Own Beef Jerky   Moonshine Bandits Launch Their Own Beef Jerky Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 1:23 am

Talk about unique merch.
Quote :
Moonshine Bandits Launch Their Own Brand Of Whiskey River Beef Jerky

Los Banos, CA country hip-hop rebels the Moonshine Bandits are proud to announce the launch of their very own brand USDA approved beef jerky. The group’s “Whiskey River Beef Jerky” will be launched online through and be sold at all Moonshine Bandits shows.

“We try to introduce products to the our fans, the Shiner Nation, that we stand behind and we believe in. We promised that the Shiner Nation is more than just music; it’s a lifestyle. Our Whiskey River Beef Jerky is another extension of the Shiner way of life,” said Big Tex. “Our Whiskey River Beef Jerky is real gourmet beef jerky that tastes amazing. It doesn’t taste like fake meat or loaded with preservatives. We spent spent a lot of time tasting samples and mixing the spices to create the perfect balance of sweet and spice in our jerky. We ended up with a jerky with a sweet taste and a kick of spice, that is perfect for road trips or those that like to tailgate.”

“Whiskey River Beef Jerky” joins a long list of products the Moonshine Bandits have developed for their devout Shiner fan base including the group’s own BBQ seasoning “Big Tex Rebel Rub”, 99-proof premium “Outlaw Moonshine” alcohol, and the 51Fifty Energy drink. When the group isn’t on the road or developing new products, the Moonshine Bandits keep themselves busy running their own bar, the Shiners Bar and Grill, in their hometown of Los Banos, CA. The bar features the group’s Outlaw Moonshine liquor on tap, and their own branded Moonshine Bandits Burger on the menu.
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Moonshine Bandits Launch Their Own Beef Jerky
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