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 Xbox One Gets A Price Drop In The UK

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PostSubject: Xbox One Gets A Price Drop In The UK   Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:52 am

Quote :
Microsoft has announced a price drop for the Xbox One in the UK. The new £329.99 price tag drops the console under the PlayStation 4’s selling price of £349.99.

Microsoft says that the price drop is only for the UK right now (the price with a straight conversion to US Dollars is still about $30 more than an Xbox One with Kinect). The console originally launched at £429.99 in the UK, before seeing a price drop to £349.99 in February.

The £329.99 offering does not include Kinect, nor is bundled with any games. Microsoft tells Joystiq that there are no plans to drop the price in North America.
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Xbox One Gets A Price Drop In The UK
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