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 Dave Lombardo Says "I Won't Ever Be Going Back" To Slayer

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Dave Lombardo Says "I Won't Ever Be Going Back" To Slayer Empty
PostSubject: Dave Lombardo Says "I Won't Ever Be Going Back" To Slayer   Dave Lombardo Says "I Won't Ever Be Going Back" To Slayer Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 3:01 am

Quote :
Ever since Dave Lombardo was unceremoniously booted from Slayer, the question was immediately when is he going back? But, he's not coming back. For the last year, we've been saying Lombardo is basically never coming back to the band and Lombardo wasn't helping matters by having a loose tongue about his former bandmates. Lombardo even started revealing salary figures to show how little he was making, or perhaps paint himself as the martyr.

Regardless, for some reason, if the last year wasn't enough indication, Metal Hammer recently interviewed the drummer, who is now focusing on his new band, Philm and here are some choice quotes from Lombardo.

Comparing the vibe of his current band, Philm, to the vibe of Slayer:

“It’s nice to be in a band and feel like you’re in a band again, you know?” he says. “We hang out together as friends and it doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun. I mean, that’s why you start playing music isn’t it. I’m not complaining, I’ve been very lucky, but it feels nice to have a close personal relationship with guys I’m playing with again.”

“You develop a rapport and that feeds into the music. I’ve no doubt about it. Going to a record store and picking out some music to listen to together before having a few drinks can only help the process once you get into the recording studio to jam things out, you’re on the same level and wavelength,” says Lombardo, before opening up about the end of his time in Slayer.

“I didn’t have that towards the end. We just saw each other before going onstage every night, you travel in different buses and hang out in different circles. It made it very hard to go onstage and have any sort of chemistry.”

Metal Hammer proceeded to point blank ask him if he'd ever return to Slayer (assuming they'd even want him back, which they most certainly do not), Lombardo said point blank:

“No. That’s it. I’m done now. I’ve got lots of other things on my plate and I now know that, when it comes to money, you don’t have any friends in this business. I won’t ever be going back.”

As Lombardo has said previously, "there are no friends when it comes to money."

Needless to say, stop holding your breath for Lombardo to ever come back. We're done writing about this.

Meanwhile, Slayer are in the studio right now finishing up a new album.
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Dave Lombardo Says "I Won't Ever Be Going Back" To Slayer
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