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 QUBE Coming To Wii U In Director's Cut Form

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PostSubject: QUBE Coming To Wii U In Director's Cut Form   Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:35 am

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Last weekend Toxic Games, the developer behind the first-person PC puzzle game QUBE, tweeted an image of the game running on Wii U. It has confirmed a Wii U release is on the way, and it will be a director's cut of the game.

Toxic Games doesn't have an exact release date for the game yet, but said that the game has been revamped for console in the form of a director's cut. It's unclear exactly what that means, whether it's just small tweaks to ease the game's transition from PC to WIi U, or some new content.
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QUBE Coming To Wii U In Director's Cut Form
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