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 Music that defines a time and age for you

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PostSubject: Music that defines a time and age for you   Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:36 pm

I've had it in my head for the past week that if I had to choose a band to signify as certain time in my life it would probably be Some Girl for age 17. Got me to thinking 'what music best describes each stage of my adult life?' So here's a list of bands and albums that, to me, best represent that.

Age: 17
Artist: Some Girls
Album: The DNA Will Have Its Say
I feel like it best describes this time in my life because I was a wild ass teenager. It was at the height of my noise band's power, doing super reckless things and generally not giving a shit about anything.

Age: 19
Artist: Cecil Otter
Album: Boxcar Diaries
I started to wind down some at this age, and started to get into hip hop a little more. I started to shift towards music with more of a meaning at this point in time, instead of just listening to all the shit I had before. Started to kind of find myself here, at this turning point. This cross roads, so to speak.

Age: 21
Artist: As Blood Runs Black
Album: Allegiance
I started to delve back into my idiotic ways at this point in time, but while not going completely off the handle like when I was 17. Started to really try to get a feel for the way things used to be, while at the same time trying to more forward.

Age: 22
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Album: 13th Step
I hit a really big, undeniable brick in the road of life at this point in time. I felt like these was no where to go, and like everyone around me had turned their backs. I felt deeply alone for a great portion of this age, finding solace in the music I surrounded myself in. Very difficult time in my life, and I'd be really happy to never revisit it again.

Age: 23
Artist: This Will Destroy You
Album: Young Mountain
At this point in time I was finally coming off of everything that I'd done wrong previously. Gave up my worst habits and traded them for a better look on life. I believed in my own victory when no one else did, pun intended, and pulled myself out of that stupor that held me at arms length for far too long.
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Music that defines a time and age for you
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