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 Tarantino Says Death Proof Was His Worst Film

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PostSubject: Tarantino Says Death Proof Was His Worst Film   Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:40 pm

Even he knows what his least favorable movie was. I agree with this decision as does most I've spoken to that are keen on his movies (some people don't like his style in general). Do you agree with the choice?
Quote :
Following his recent talk about his plans for retirement, director Quentin Tarantino has opened up again, this time to fess up that not all of his films are winners.

"Death Proof has got to be the worst movie I ever made," he admitted in a roundtable conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. "And for a left-handed movie, that wasn't so bad, all right? So if that's the worst I ever get, I'm good. But I do think one of those out-of-touch, old, limp, flaccid-d!@k movies costs you three good movies as far as your rating is concerned."

He also cited other filmmakers that he felt stayed in the game past their prime:

"I'm really well versed on a lot of directors' careers, you know, and when you look at those last five films when they were past it, when they were too old, and they're really out of touch with the times, whether it be William Wyler and The Liberation of L.B. Jones or Billy Wilder with Fedora and then Buddy Buddy or whatever the hell. To me, it's all about my filmography, and I want to go out with a terrific filmography."

For the full uncensored interview -- which also includes directors Ben Affleck, Ang Lee, David O. Russell, Tom Hooper and Gus Van Sant -- head on over to The Hollywood Reporter.
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Tarantino Says Death Proof Was His Worst Film
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