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 Assassin's Creed Movie To Star Michael Fassbender

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PostSubject: Assassin's Creed Movie To Star Michael Fassbender    Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:39 pm

Great news coming out of this one at least in terms of star.
Quote :
Michael Fassbender will star in and co-produce "Assassin's Creed," the bigscreen adaptation of Ubisoft's videogame franchise, through his DMC Film.

"Michael Fassbender was our first choice" to play the franchise's iconic hooded hero, said Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures. "Michael (Fassbender) is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor."

Last fall, Ubisoft was in talks with Sony to develop a series of "Assassin's" pics (Daily Variety, Oct. 20, 2011). But the companies have since put negotiations on hold.

Ubisoft execs now plan to stick to their initial plan and develop the film independently in order to maintain greater creative control. Last year, Ubisoft invested in launching UMP, headed by Baronnet, former CEO of Luc Besson's EuropaCorp, to adapt the company's games into films, TV shows and digital projects.
Source: Variety
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PostSubject: Re: Assassin's Creed Movie To Star Michael Fassbender    Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:11 pm

Judging by that image besides him (Fassbender) I'm assuming he's going to be playing Altaïr. Would make a lot more sense than randomly making him Ezio. There's too much story between both games to simply just ignore.. But then again plenty of other movie adaptations throw the story right out the window and create their own reasons for the 'mayhem'.
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Assassin's Creed Movie To Star Michael Fassbender
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